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My favorite product is the water soluble because of its fast acting properties.  You can take a smaller amount and get a higher therapeutic effect because of the way it’s designed.  I also enjoy that it comes in fun flavors. We get a lot of feedback that other products on the market don’t taste very good.

Randy Hurst

I love the topical relief cream!  If I sleep funny and get a crick in my neck, I rub a little in a couple times a day and it’s gone in a day rather than 3.  I also carry my stress in my neck and shoulders and the cream provides relief from tension.

Marta Hurst


Each of our Bath Bombs have been infused with 100mg of our broad spectrum, hemp-derived cannabidiol. Please remember that this product is for external use only and you should stop using if an allergic reaction occurs. If pregnant, consult your physician before using. Keep away from children.

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