Hemp has been a hot topic lately, and discussions about its legality have taken place in practically every state in the US. The legal status of cannabis is as controversial as the cannabis family – just like marijuana. People are often confused by the differences, including the legislature! If you are curious about hemp vs. marijuana and the differences, you have come to the right place. At Your CBD Store in San Antonio, TX our team of experienced professionals understands how confusing it can be to try and gain a solid understanding of the changing CBD markets. 

To help our customers and readers get a better understanding of why CBD is so different from THC, we decided to focus on why the two primary sources of these chemicals are different. Today we are examining the differences between industrial hemp and cannabis and why they both deserve a separate legal status.

How Hemp is Different from Marijuana

Hemp and Marijuana are part of the cannabis plant family. Contrary to popular belief, many types of cannabis can have very different effects. It is a good idea to read various types of plants to find out what you are dealing with when dealing with hemp. Cannabis sativa is what people often refer to when they talk about cannabis. It naturally grows in and around tropical regions such as Central America, Africa, and Asia. This was first explained by Carl Linnaeus, who called it Cannabis sativa L, where L mentioned his last name. Sativa is the largest known species and often reaches heights of 2-4 meters.

Cannabis Indica was found later. It thrives in dry mountainous regions such as the hills of Afghanistan and parts of India. This strain is much shorter and bushier than Sativa; Some say they look like little Christmas trees. Finally, there is Cannabis ruderalis. It grows mainly in the northern hemisphere in China, Russia, and Poland. Ruderalis is very suitable for survival in harsh conditions and harsh climatic conditions. This is a relatively small and long-lived plant. In the past, people used ruderalis plants for fiber and nutrition.

Over time, these three sub-species of cannabis have grown together repeatedly. Now it is difficult to distinguish clearly between them. Ruderalis plants are the rarest. Both Sativa and Indica plants can be found in recreational and medical cannabis communities. But what about hemp? The industrial hemp that is planted today is a kind of Sativa cannabis. In other words, it is closely related to cannabis. However, the two are not the same.

Understanding Hemp

Hemp is a word that is often spoken today. With the increasing use of cannabidiol products, people often look for cannabis because they are told that it is the best quality. But what is hemp?

Industrial hemp belongs to the species Cannabis sativa but is not a plant that can be used as a recreational drug. Currently, it is used to extract CBD for supplements. Although hemp contains sufficient amounts of CBD, it only contains a small amount of THC which is an intoxicating psychoactive ingredient.

Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol or THC is the element that causes a person to feel high when ingesting marijuana. It was made on cannabis, including hemp – but hemp only contained a small amount. Current federal laws define industrial cannabis as cannabis plants containing less than 0.3% THC in dry matter. This amount is far from enough to allow anyone to get high in the way marijuana would.

CBD From Hemp and Not Marijuana

Cannabidiol is produced in hemp and marijuana. However, it happens in much greater numbers in hemp. Technically, marijuana oil infused with CBD will be called “cannabis oil” but it will also contain a large amount of THC. Usually, consumers choose CBD from hemp. Hemp CBD with THC less than 0.3% has been removed from the regulated substance list. Although there are slightly different laws in each state, the use of CBD from hemp is widespread and widely supported. 

You can use CBD products derived from hemp if you live in a place where it is legal. Medical and recreational stores are sometimes stocked with CBD oil derived from marijuana as well. However, to gain access to it, you must be an adult resident of one of these states and may need to receive a referral from a practitioner.

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